Sight Word Recognition Inventory (for Grade Assessment Only)

Grade One
of quit paid
one cloth said
the dwell shift
that saw squid
those was dumb
these thrift draft
when friend phone
which laugh prompt
Grade Two
does salt post
goes city post
once full hear
twice dull pear
quite look pearl
walk food ache
giant flood cache
ghost school squelch
Grade Three
worry dwarf woman
sorry quiet women
flour sugar choice
dough wolf clown
cough warm blown
cloud farm echo
would crow swamp
group crown dwindle
Grade Four (1)
sew eager climate
sue crawl machine
bury money flirting
soup beauty bough
mouth enough brought
month special county
worm clothes country
century dessert courage
scorch feather should
usually breakfast persuade
Grade Four (2)
pleasure permit fairy
daughter quaint minor
surround column fruit
scissors onion thrown
hibernate fought throne
sausage taught world
yesterday desert whirled
geography enemy beard
wilderness surprise character
frightened straight pinocchio